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"Elegant, direct, surprising, sobering, hilarious, and heart rending...Sarah touched on all of it with grace and clarity."

- Lisa F. after taking the Peaceful Exit Online Course

Intentions of this course

Every person can approach death without fear by:


Discovering the power and joy in accountability;


Learning how other cultures celebrate life in death;


Telling your story about death;


Exploring your own wishes for death and a life celebration;


Completing the paperwork needed for those wishes to come true,
regardless of your financial wealth;


Taking pragmatic steps for those scary, challenging conversations
(hint: money and death)


Beginning or continuing a spiritual practice that challenges
and fulfills your daily life.

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Who We Are


Sarah Cavanaugh



We believe in the power of people coming together to share fears and hopes for the future. We will all build peace together over time sharing our collective wisdom and will change the conversation about dying.

Tracy and Sarah have both experienced transitions with loved ones that inspired them to co-host the online course for Peaceful Exit. Tracy is a gifted chef, global citizen, project manager, and collaborator. Sarah is an entrepreneur, photographer, and founder of Peaceful Exit. Both mothers celebrate having birthed and cared for kind humans.

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Tracy Maes


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