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Practice Makes Peaceful: Accepting death to ease anxiety, experience grief, and make the most of our

The inevitability of death stirs up fear and anxiety in many. But avoiding talk about our mortality only increases unease around the end of life. With preparation and mindful practices, we can cultivate spiritual peace around the transition we will all one day make.

The intimate online course "Peaceful Exit" provides a compassionate space to explore the practical and emotional dimensions of death. This empowering course convenes a supportive community to have necessary conversations about loss.

Over six interactive live webinars starting January 8th, participants dive deep into personal beliefs, fears, and narratives around dying. With guidance from end-of-life experts, they complete practical tasks like legal planning while examining emotional realms of grief, attachment, and legacy.

Central topics provide a holistic look at making peace with mortality. The curriculum explores physiological aspects of dying and cultural death traditions from various spiritual worldviews. It offers tools to minimize anxiety around possessions and relationships as life closes. Mindfulness practices teach radical acceptance and shifting perspective from distress to grace about letting go.

By uncovering inner blocks around death denial, "Peaceful Exit" gently dissolves taboos about discussing aging and decline. It empowers participants to articulate wishes for medical care, tangible personal property distribution, and celebrating legacies. Expressing one's desires and confronting fears lead to feeling more ease around the transition we will all make. Past participants describe the course as enlightening, emotionally expansive, and even life-changing. They report gaining tremendous clarity on priorities and connections as death comes into focus. Making plans for practical details like ethical wills and advance directives relieved anxiety about loved ones’ preparedness.

While exploring end-of-life choices, relationships within the group deepen into profound support. Facilitator Sarah Cavanaugh transforms a daunting topic into a heartening experience by holding space with wisdom and compassion. The community bonding over shared vulnerability becomes a surprising gift emerging from difficult but necessary conversations. “Peaceful Exit” provides tools and community to lean into end-of-life conversations. Guided contemplation of death paradoxically leads to feeling more present and joyful within this finite life. Healing acceptance takes root when we acknowledge our fleeting impermanence.


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